Garbi series,
power and water marine pedestals


Mechanical characteristics

  • Enclosure made of Aluminium or Stainless Steel 430 with cataphoresys surface treatment and painting, providing an outstanding corrosion protection.
  • Internal separation between power and water systems.
  • Sloping roof preventing rain accumulation.
  • Rounded corners for pedestrians safety.
  • Tamper-proof opening, preventing unauthorised access to the electrical panel.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Water-proof IPx6 grade enclosure.
  • Internal double-insulation housing for the electrical panel, providing a double water-proof barrier.
  • EN 60309 IPx6 sockets.
  • LED lighting.
  • Independent electrical protection with MCBs and RCBs for each socket.


  • Single-phase and Three-phase from 16A to 125A. Ask us for greater power levels.
  • Water services with 1/2» taps as standard. Other sizes optional.
  • Optional Data, TV, and Phone connections.

Information Management

From the marina point of view, as important as to guarantee the power and water service to the user is to ensure the system availability and the access to the generated information.

The Garbí system offers different configurations with different system control levels, summarized in the following table:

MCB & RCD protections Water&Power counters Communicacions Actuators. Contactors & e-valves User Interaction
Water&Power measurement
Tele-management: On-Off

So, to make consumption measurements, water and power counters have to be installed in the pedestal. If we like to automatically receive these values at the marina office, some telecom devices should be added. Additionally, if we want to turn the services on or off from the office we must furnish the pedestal with some actuators. Last but not least, if we want to implement a payment system, we will have to install the corresponding devices for user interfacing. In Garbi pedestals with the Prepay-Smart system, the user interfacing is made by direct communication between a Smartphone and the pedestal. A user/password protocol provides a sucure access to the system. The Prepay-Smart system overcomes all the problems associated to cards: losses, renewals, or cloning. Moreover, it provides to the user 24/7 access to his/her account balance and recharge.

Standard configurations

The most usual pedestal configurations are shown in the table below. Each cell shows the maximum number of power and water services. For other configurations please ask us.

Single-phase Three-phase
16A 32A 63A 32A 63A
Basic 4+4 4+4 4+4 2+2 2+2
Water&Power measurement 4+4 4+4 4+4 2+2 2+2
Tele-measurement 4+4 4+4 4+4 2+2 2+2
Tele-management: On-Off 4+2 4+2 4+2 2+2 2+2
Prepay-Smart 4+2 4+2 4+2 2+2 2+2


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